2018 CPBL Attendance Review

With the 2018 CPBL season done and dusted and teams are now preparing for the playoff, here is our full season attendance review. We will be going deep with various attendance data from the 2018 season.

Attendance Chart Per Game

Total Attendance

  • Lamigo Monkeys: 446,756 across 60 home games
  • Fubon Guardians: 339,870 across 60 home games
  • Chinatrust Brothers: 275,881 across 60 home games
  • Uni-Lions: 247,230 across 60 home games
  • Full Season: 1,309,737 across 240 games
  • First Half Season: 700,254 across 120 games
  • Second Half Season: 609,483 across 120 games

Average Attendance

2018 Average AttendanceAverageHighestLowest
Lamigo Monkeys7446185213076
Fubon Guardians5665121502871
Chinatrust Brothers4598108162097
2018 Season5457185212097
1st Half Season5835185212097
2nd Half Season5079151032871

Attendance Plus

Here is the “average attendance percentage vs the average league attendance”. In a way, I guess we can call it “The Attendance Plus/ ATT+”. Just think of this as the “OPS+”, but for team attendance.

So, how do we use this? The league average will equal 100. If a team’s ATT+ is 160, then the team is performing 60% better than the average league attendance. Whereas if a team’s ATT+ is at 60, then that team is 40% lower than the average league attendance.

  • Lamigo Monkeys: 136 ATT+ 36% above league average
  • Fubon Guardians: 104 ATT+ 4% above league average
  • Chinatrust Brothers: 84 ATT+ 16% below league average
  • Uni-Lions: 76 ATT+ 24% below league average

Weekend vs Weekday

Average AttendanceMonkeysGuardiansBrothersUni-LionsCPBL
Full Season74465665459841215457

Attendance By City

Xinzhuang6455695665 (60)--4139 (4)
Taoyuan607446-7446 (60)--
Taichung514390--4390 (51)-
Tainan314280---4280 (31)
Kaohsiung183535--4239 (3)3394 (15)
Tianmu115727--6543 (6)4748 (5)
Hualien54665---4665 (5)

Average Attendance By Months

Number of Games Per Attendance Bracket


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