With the 2018 CPBL second-half season starting tonight, here is the late edition of the first-half season review. We will be covering the basic overall graphical standings, run differential and the attendance record for the 2018 first-half season.

Graphical Standings – First Half Season Review

With 38 wins and 22 losses, the Lamigo Monkeys have won the 2018 CPBL first-half season championship, and at the same secured a spot in the 2018 Taiwan Series.

Despite the Uni-Lions started chasing the Monkeys halfway through the first-half season, the Uni-Lions lost a few critical games and fall short in the end, finished in the second place with 35 wins and 25 losses.

Things are not so rosy for the Guardians and the Brothers, as both teams have struggled throughout the first half season. Finished third (27 wins, 33 losses) and last (20 wins, 40 losses) in the overall standings.

Run Differential – First Half Season Review


CPBL Average Attendance – First Half Season Review

First-Half SeasonAverage AttendanceWeekday AverageWeekend Average

CPBL Total Attendance – First Half Season Review

  • Lamigo Monkeys – 23,9807 over 30 Home Games.
  • Fubon Guardians – 19,0787 over 30 Home Games.
  • Chinatrust Brothers – 13,9732 over 30 Home Games.
  • Uni-Lions – 12,9928 over 30 Home Games.
  • CPBL – 700,254 over 120 Home Games.

Attendance Plus – First Half Season Review

Here is the “average attendance percentage vs the league average attendance”. I guess in a way, we can call it “The Attendance Plus/ ATT+”. Just think of this as the “OPS+, wRC+ and ERA+” but it is use for for attendance.

So, how do we use this? The league average will equal 100. If a team’s ATT+ is 160 then the team is performing 60% better than the league average attendance. Whereas if a team’s ATT+ is at 60, then that team is performing 40% lower than the league average attendance.

  • Lamigo Monkeys: 137 ATT+.
  • Fubon Guardians: 109 ATT+.
  • Chinatrust Brothers: 80 ATT+.
  • Uni-Lions: 74 ATT+.


  1. I’m finding it difficult to find content on the top players and statistics leaders from the CPBL. Can you help? Thankyou!

  2. One of the things that I have found useful in using the CPBL website, which has all of the league’s stats since the league’s started play, is to copy the Chinese character names from the CPBL page and enter it into the search function of CPBL stats. For recent players, this almost always works in learning the English alphabet names of CPBL players. wikipedia is another source for figuring out the English alphabet names of CPBL stars.

    The Hanwha Eagles just released Jason Wheeler, who had not pitched that badly in the KBO (5.13 ERA with 94 Ks in 101.2 IP) and had pitched well in his final KBO start. The Eagles are a surprise 2nd place team this year and may think that the pitcher they just signed to replace Wheeler, David Hale, will give them a better chance of challenging the Doosan Bears for first place in the second half.

    If the Uni-Lions were willing to guarantee Wheeler $100,000 for the rest of the 2018 season, they could well sign him, since reportedly hadn’t signed for a great deal of money to pitch in the KBO ($100K bonus and $475,000 annual salary, which Wheeler only earned about half of). Wheeler would almost certainly be an improvement over David Martinez and would give the Uni-Lions a better chance of catching the Monkeys in the Second Half.

    • We might see that Japanese LHP in the farm to be call-up first I think. He is getting better and better and the management seems to like him too.


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