With 2017 Taiwan Series starting this Saturday at Taoyuan stadium.  Both Lamigo Monkeys and Chinatrust Brothers have announced their final 28-man roster for the Taiwan Series.  As always, here’s our lineup predictions, probable pitchers and the players 2017 CPBL top team stats.

Lamigo Monkeys vs Chinatrust Brothers in 2017 Taiwan Series.
Lamigo Monkeys vs Chinatrust Brothers in 2017 Taiwan Series. Photo Credit: (pb+ Facebook)

2017 Taiwan Series schedule

With Lamigo Monkeys winning both 1st and 2nd half season.  They have been given 1 game advantage going into the Taiwan Series (best-of-seven).

  • G1 – October 28 – Saturday – Taoyuan Stadium – 17:00
  • G2 – October 29 – Sunday – Taoyuan Stadium – 17:00
  • G3 – October 31 – Tuesday – Taichung Stadium – 18:30
  • G4 – November 2 – Thursday- Taichung Stadium – 18:30 – If necessary
  • G5 – November 4 – Saturday- Taoyuan Stadium – 17:00 – If necessary
  • G6 – November 5 – Sunday- Taoyuan Stadium – 17:00 – If necessary
Monkeys Hong I-Chung vs Brothers Cory Snyder
Lamigo Monkeys Hong I-Chung vs Chinatrust Brothers Cory Snyder.  Photo Credit: (CPBL Facebook)

Lamigo Monkeys lineup predictions

  1. RF 陽耀勳 (Yang Yao-Hsun)
  2. 2B 郭嚴文 (Kuo Yen-Wen)
  3. CF 王柏融 (Wang Po-Jung)
  4. DH 林泓育 (Lin Hung-Yu)
  5. LF 朱育賢 (Chu Yu-Hsien)
  6. 1B 陳俊秀 (Chen Chun-Hsiu)
  7. 3B 林智平 (Lin Chih-Ping)
  8. SS 林承飛 (Lin Cheng-Fei)
  9. C 嚴宏鈞 (Yen Hung-Chun)

Lamigo Monkeys probable starters

  1. Zeke Spruill
  2. Darin Downs
  3. Zack Segovia
  4. 王溢正 (Wang Yi-Cheng)
  5. Zeke Spruill
  6. Darin Downs


  • 1 game advantage going into this Taiwan Series.
  • The 3 foreign starting pitchers (Zeke Spruill, Darin Downs and Zack Segovia).  The trios have been one of the major contributors to Monkeys success in 2017 regular season.  Monkeys will be looking to emulate that success in the Taiwan Series.
  • The lineup with no weakness.  Power, Speed and Contact, Monkeys have all 3 of those areas covered.  Expect a big inning if not careful when facing Monkeys lineup.


  • The team might be cold going into this Taiwan Series.  Monkeys played their last regular season game on 11 October.  And only had 2 intersquad games leading up the the Taiwan Series
The 3 key players from Lamigo Monkeys in 2017 Taiwan Series

Chinatrust Brothers lineup predictions

  1. 3B 王威晨 (Wang Wei-Chen)
  2. SS 吳東融 (Wu Tung-Jung)
  3. DH 周思齊 (Chou Szu-Chi)
  4. LF 詹子賢 (Chan Tzu-Hsien)
  5. CF 張志豪 (Chang Chih-Hao)
  6. RF 陳子豪 (Chen Tzu-Hao)
  7. 1B 彭政閔 Peng Cheng-Min
  8. C 林明杰 (Lin Ming-Chieh)
  9. 2B 潘萣翔 (Pan Ting-Hsiang)

Chinatrust Brothers probable starters

  1. Bryan Woodall
  2. Orlando Roman
  3. Rick Teasley
  4. 鄭凱文 (Cheng Kai-Wen)
  5. Bryan Woodall
  6. Orlando Roman


  • Foreign starting pitchers.  With Bryan Woodall known for his pitching efficiency, Brothers will try to get him pitching into 7th or even 8th before activate their bullpen.  If Woodall’s slider is working, expect to see Monkeys lineup struggle to score against him.
  • A hungry young team that’s eager to showcase themselves to the management team.  Plenty of speed on this squad.
  • There’s less pressure on this young squad too, as nobody expect them to win the Taiwan Series, which can be used as their advantage.
  • Able to turn the game around with a swing of the bat.  Several players in the squad are known for their power in the 2017 season.
  • Been in game-mode for weeks before going into Taiwan Series.  Team spirit is in all time high after beating Uni-Lions in the Playoff Series.


  • Lack of Taiwan Series experience.
  • Very young bullpen.  Several of them just turned pro this year.  Are they able to handle the postseason stress?  Or able to handle Lamigo Monkeys lineup?
The 3 key players from Chinatrust Brothers in 2017 Taiwan Series
The 3 key players from Chinatrust Brothers in 2017 Taiwan Series

Lamigo Monkeys roster and stats


林泓育Lin Hung-Yu4310.3310.3710.539125.8
黃浩然Huang Hao-Jan1550.2700.3140.42684.3
劉時豪Liu Shih-Hao1330.1790.2340.24821.6
嚴宏鈞Yen Hung-Chun1050.2820.3780.32980.3


朱育賢Chu Yu-Hsien4240.3080.3990.610149.8
陳俊秀Chen Chun-Hsiu4170.3210.4000.546135.5
郭嚴文Kuo Yen-Wen3960.3230.3810.458110.3
林承飛Lin Cheng-Fei3280.2650.3300.41285.6
林智平Lin Chih-Ping2720.2650.3110.35366.9
郭永維Kuo Yung-Wei950.2380.3120.27449.3
楊岱均Yang Tai-Chun920.3540.4130.415109.5
林立Lin Li530.3400.4150.511131.8


王柏融Wang Po-Jung5170.4070.4910.700195.9
藍寅倫Lan Yin-Lun3040.3210.3850.542130.4
詹智堯Chan Chih-Yao2540.2440.3350.42590.0
陽耀勳Yang Yao-Hsun1950.3480.3920.508124.7


史博威Zeke Spruill172.12.561.14193.9
賽格威Zack Segovia165.04.201.35118.2
道恩斯Darin Downs149.23.491.32142.3
王溢正Wang Yi-Cheng125.14.601.51108.0
林樺慶Lin Hua-Ching106.15.251.5894.6
陳禹勳Chen Yu-Hsun61.22.631.18188.9
王躍霖Wang Yueh-Lin57.23.431.16144.5
林柏佑Lin Po-Yu48.14.281.43115.9
鄭承浩Cheng Cheng-Hao42.15.311.5893.4
朱俊祥Chu Chun-Hsiang37.06.321.4178.5
林國裕Lin Kuo-Yu22.16.041.5782.1
林英傑Lin Ying-Chieh11.25.401.6391.9

Chinatrust Brothers roster and stats


黃鈞聲Huang Chun-Sheng1700.2560.3020.37870.1
陳家駒Chen Chia-Chu1240.2050.2580.32144.9
林明杰Lin Ming-Chieh720.1910.2220.29428.7


彭政閔Peng Cheng-Min3480.2990.3850.35989.0
曾陶鎔Tseng Tao-Jung2860.2670.3540.506113.6
吳東融Wu Tung-Jung2370.2730.3380.36877.9
王威晨Wang Wei-Chen1130.2800.3390.36076.4
潘萣翔Pan Ting-Hsiang820.3010.3700.37087.3
陳江和Chen Chiang-Ho610.2320.2710.25032.4
岳東華Yueh Tung-Hua1000-


周思齊Chou Szu-Chi4490.3020.3860.408100.4
陳子豪Chen Tzu-Hao3450.3360.4030.622153.6
張志豪Chang Chih-Hao3440.3000.3630.610139.7
詹子賢Chan Tzu-Hsien3080.3500.4030.610150.9
陳文杰Chen Wen-Chieh120.3330.3330.417-


伍鐸Bryan Woodall173.23.631.27136.8
羅曼Orlando Roman137.14.461.45111.4
鄭凱文Cheng Kai-Wen125.24.581.41108.3
洪宸宇Hung Chen-Yu59.15.761.6386.1
銳力Rick Teasley39.26.131.6181.0
吳哲源Wu Che-Yuan33.03.001.36165.4
彭識穎Peng Shih-Ying23.05.871.5784.5
王梓安Wang Tzu-An19.03.791.79131.0
官大元Kuan Ta-Yuan14.18.791.8156.5
王則鈞Wang Tse-Chun8.17.562.6465.6
王鴻程Wang Hung-Cheng8.01.131.38441.1
楊達翔Yang Ta-Hsiang3.113.504.20-
陳柏豪Chen Po-Hao1.09.003.00-


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