2017 CPBL STATS Awards

With another year of baseball done and dusted, here’s our 2017 CPBL STATS Awards.  We’ll take a trip down the memory lane and see some of the best moments and overlooked moments from the 2017 CPBL season and Taiwanese baseball in general.

A word of warning.  A lot of GIF and Videos in this blog post.

Bat flip of the year – CPBL edition

Bat flip of the year – amateur edition

Getting hit by broken bat

Accidental bat flip that hit the ball

Worst ceremonial 1st pitch

Best ceremonial 1st pitch

Best way to light the cauldron

Umpire being a Kung-Fu master

Best hand gesture

When stadium turned into water park

Treasure hunting fan

Weirdest ground rule double

When mixing golf with baseball

Broke home run wall padding

Deploying tactical smoke bomb

Perfect swing, a hole in one

Left hanging – coach edition

Left hanging – mascot edition

Darin Down, smooth operator

Bromance – players edition

Bromance – ceremonial 1st pitch edition

Best post-game MVP dance

King of dance – player edition

King of dance – coach edition

Fubon Guardians interpretive dance group

CPBL Magneto – pitcher edition

CPBL Magneto – positional player edition

Fan hit by home run

Bunt related injury

Worst hit-by-pitch incident

Worst base running incident

Summer time, got to stay hydrated

Cutest fan

Most passionate fan

Casting defensive spell

It’s all in the hips

Boys will be boys

Figaro is good at dodging ice shower

Umpire dodging a liner

Things to do while waiting for video review

Oh, nothing much just a back flipping Lions

Rubbing the mascot for luck

Failing at hurdle

Everyone is an utility player in CPBL All-Star Game

Scott Richmond the treasure hunter

Best post-game event

Chen Chun-Hsiu broke the baseball

Tension is so thick

Someone is in love

Belly, abs, abs

Frankie the thief

Bunt, bunt, homer

The boss and his goons

Cutest snack delivery man

All friends here



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