The four CPBL teams have submitted their final 60-man rosters before the November 30 deadline. The 33 players that are not on the 60-man protection list are either released, retired or moving on to a different role within their organisation (Coach or administration).

The released players will now be considered as free agents and can be approach and sign by other teams without paying the compensation fee to their former team.

Lamigo Monkeys Released Players

POSNameNameDraft Pick
P林英傑Lin Ying-Chieh1999 - 1st round
P王豐鑫Wang Feng-Hsin2001 - 5th round
P郭文凱Kuo Wen-Kai2012 - 9th round
P王銓宏Wang Chuan-Hung2015 - 10th round
P鄭佳銘Cheng Chia-Ming2016 - 7th round
IF陳雁風Chen Yen-Feng2008 - 5th round
OF李國生Li Kuo-Sheng2013 - 4th round
  • It’s the end of the TML (Taiwan Major League) era.  As 林英傑 (Lin Ying-Chieh) and 王豐鑫 (Wang Feng-Hsin) were the only TML players remaining in 2017 season.  TML was another professional league in Taiwan, established in 1997 and was absorbed by CPBL in 2003.
  • 陳雁風 (Chen Yen-Feng) will take on the defense coach position in the farm team.  Lamigo is planning to send Chen to Japan for more further coaching training in 2018 season.

Chinatrust Brothers Released Players

POSNameNameDraft Pick
P陳鴻文Chen Hung-Wen2012 - 1st round
P林煜清Lin Yu-Ching2011 - 1st round
P羅國華Lo Kuo-Hua2009 - 9th round
P林克謙Lin Ko-Chien2008 - 1st round
C鄭達鴻Cheng Ta-Hung2003 - 5th round
C郭峰駿Kuo Feng-Chun2013 - 8th round
C周聖訓Chou Sheng-Hsun2014 - 8th round
IF蔣智賢Chiang Chih-Hsien2015 - 1st round
OF張正偉Chang Cheng-Wei2008 - 7th round
OF林威助Lin Wei-Chu2013 - 3rd round
  • Brothers have released several 1st team core players, including power hitter 蔣智賢 (Chiang Chih-Hsien) based on disciplinary reasons.  Which makes 2017 end of season free agent market really exciting.  As teams will be able to pick up bunch of CPBL ready veterans without paying the compensation fee.
  • 郭峰駿 (Kuo Feng-Chun) and 周聖訓 (Chou Sheng-Hsun) will take on administration role within the organisation, at the same time serving as bullpen catchers.

Uni-Lions Released Players

POSNameNameDraft Pick
P黃靖幃Huang Ching-Wei2013 - 2nd round
P林岳平Lin Yueh-Ping2003 - 1st round
IF周廣勝Chou Kuang-Sheng2008 - 5th round
IF林志祥Lin Chih-Hsiang2009 - 2nd round
  • Despite still able to hit 150kph (93mph) on the gun this season.  After 13 seasons, veteran 林岳平 (Lin Yueh-Ping) have accepted the new role as the farm team pitching coach in 2018.  Lions will have an official retirement ceremony for Lin in 2018.

Fubon Guardians Released Players

POSNameNameDraft Pick
P陳煥揚Chen Huan-Yang2009 - 6th round
P陳冠儒Chen Kuan-Ju2014 - 4th round
P陳泓亦Chen Hung-Yi2015 - 11th round
P潘庭豐Pan Ting-Feng2016 - 10th round
P黃思漢Huang Ssu-Han2014 - 5th round
P黃柏揚Huang Po-Yang2013 - 7th round
C林憲章Lin Hsien-Chang2013 - 8th round
IF陽冠威Yang Kuan-Wei2012 - 4th round
IF方玄宗Fang Hsuan-Tsung2013 - 6th round
IF黃智培Huang Chih-Pei2010 - 1st round
IF張淯虎Chang Yu-Hu2009 - 10th round
OF徐育澄Hsu Yu-Cheng2010 - 10th round
  • 陽冠威 (Yang Kuan-Wei) and 黃智培 (Huang Chih-Pei) are probably two of the biggest disappointment in recent time.  As both were once considered to be the top amateur players, but were unable to live up to the organisation expectations.
  • 黃柏揚 (Huang Po-Yang) assigned to be the assistant to farm team pitching coach.
  • 林憲章 (Lin Hsien-Chang) will take on the trainer role.  While 徐育澄 (Hsu Yu-Cheng) will move to the administration side.


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