2017 CPBL draft signing tracker

33 talented young players were drafted in the 2017 CPBL draft.  The teams will have until 31st of August to sign those amateur players.  Here’s the signing tracker 2017 mid-season draft.

  • The figures below are in US dollars (30 NTD = 1 USD).
  • Instead of monthly salary, all figures have been converted to annual salary.
  • It is up the team to decide whether they want to release contract detail or not.
  • There are normally 3 parts in amateur contract – Signing bonus, monthly salary, incentive.
  • Players return from MLB/ NPB system are not eligible for signing bonus.  However their monthly salary tend to be higher since majority of them are CPBL top team ready

Lamigo Monkeys 2017 signing tracker

RoundNameNamePOSContract Details (annual $USD)
1廖健富Liao Chien-FuCVery likely to finalised the contract by the end of July
2林立Lin LiIF
3成晉Cheng ChinOF
4萬昭清Wan Chao-ChingP
5林逸翔Lin Yi HsiangP
6吳丞哲Wu Cheng-CheP
7黃子鵬Huang Tzu-PengP
8黃敬瑋Huang Ching-WeiIF

Uni-Lions 2017 signing tracker

RoundNameNamePOSContract Details (annual $USD)
1陳重羽Chen Chung-YuC
2陳重廷Chen Chung-TingIF
3施子謙Shih Tzu-ChienP
4吳桀睿Wu Chieh-JuiC
5黃竣彥Huang Chun-YenP
6賴奕成Lai Yi-ChengP
7林勝傑Lin Sheng-ChiehOF
8鄭鈞仁Cheng Chun-JenP

Chinatrust Brothers 2017 signing tracker

RoundNameNamePOSContract Details (annual $USD)
1岳東華Yueh Tung-HuaIFSigning bonus $173,000 USD / Annual salary of $40,000 USD / $54,000 USD incentives.
2黃恩賜Huang En-TzuPSigning bonus $147,000 USD / Annual salary of $40,000 USD
3陳柏豪Chen Po-HaoP
4蔡齊哲Tsai Chi-CheP
5吳明鴻Wu Ming-HungC
6王鴻程Wang Hung-ChengP
7楊達翔Yang Ta-HsiangP
8鄭佳彥Cheng Chia-YenP
9蔡岱霖Tsai Tai-LinC
10吳蔚驊Wu Wei-HuaP

Fubon Guardians 2017 signing tracker

RoundNameNamePOSContract Details (annual $USD)
1楊晉豪Yang Chin-HaoIF1.5 years contract - annual salary $100,000 USD. No detail on additional bonus/ incentive.
2陳品捷Chen Pin-ChiehOF2.5 years deal - annual salary $76,000 USD. No detail on additional bonus/ incentive.
3羅國華Lo Kuo-HuaP
4吳世豪Wu Shih-HaoP
5范國宸Fan Kuo-ChenIF
6陳韋奇Chen Wei-ChiOF
7陳勤宗Chen Chin-TsungIF

Signing news

  • 12th July – Fubon Guardians
    • Confirmed the signing of their #2 pick 陳品捷 (Chen Pin-Chieh) to 1.5 year contract with annual salary $100,000 USD.  No detail about the additional bonus was given.
    • Have signed #3 pick 羅國華 (Lo Kuo-Hua) to 2.5 years deal with annual salary of 76,000 USD.  No detail about the additional bonus was given.
  • 12th July – Chinatrust Brothers
    • GM of Brothers told the media that the signing bonus for their #1 pick 岳東華 (Yueh Tung-Hua) will be at least $167,000 USD
  • 12th July – Lamigo Monkeys
    • The contract for #1 pick 廖健富 (Liao Chien-Fu) will hopefully be finalised by the end of this month.  Other than that, Monkeys GM did not mentioned any information regarding to the 2017 signing progress.
  •  14th July – Chinatrust Brothers
    • Brothers have signed their #1 pick 岳東華 (Yueh Tung-Hua) for $173,000 USD with annual salary of $40,000 USD along with $54,000 USD incentives.
    • #2 draftpick 黃恩賜 (Huang En-Tzu) was signed for 147,000 USD with annual salary of 40,000 USD.


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