Forget about the Triple Crown, meet your 2017 CPBL batting Quadruple Crown winner 王柏融 (Wang Po-Jung).  After winning the 2016 CPBL MVP as a rookie, Lamigo Monkeys’ hard hitting youngster have managed to find more room to improve in 2017 season.

Wang finished the 2017 season dominating in pretty much all hitting categories.  He posted a record of .407/.491/.700 with 101 RBI, 31 home runs and 195 OPS+.

“It’s a perfect ending for the 2017 season reaching 101 RBI.  I am very satisfied with my performance this season, the most important thing is that I stayed healthy the entire season.”  Said the 2017 CPBL batting Quadruple Crown winner 王柏融 (Wang Po-Jung).

“It’s always my goal playing in the overseas market.  At this stage, I don’t want to over think it, just want to do my best to showcase myself.”  When asked how he felt about being in the spotlight with all the NPB and MLB scouts watching the last 2 seasons.

Wang Po-Jung CPBL career stats
Wang Po-Jung CPBL career stats

Another monster season from Wang Po-Jung

As we mentioned above, Wang pretty much dominates all the hitting categories in 2017.  By winning the prestigious batting title, this makes Wang the 2nd Triple Crown/ Quadruple Crown winner in CPBL history.

  • 178 Hits – #1 in the league
  • 101 RBI – #1 in the league
  • 31 HR – #1 in the league
  • .407 Batting Average – #1 in the league
  • .491 OBP – #1 in the league
  • .700 SLG – #1 in the league
  • 195 OPS+ – #1 in the league
  • 15 IBB – #1 in the league
Meet your 2017 CPBL Quadruple Crown Winner Wang Po-Jung
Meet your 2017 CPBL Quadruple Crown Winner Wang Po-Jung. Photo Credit: (Lamigo Monkeys Facebook)



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