With the recent news of the CPBL bringing back the skills challenge at the 2018 All-Star Weekend. This is a perfect opportunity to talk about the first ever CPBL All-Star Weekend Skill Challenge event which happened back in 1995.

During the 1995 and 1996 seasons, the CPBL have decided to do something special during the All-Star Weekend. Instead of doing the standard Home Run Derby, the league have added another four baseball skills related mini-games at the All-Star Weekend.

  • Throwing Accuracy.
  • Bunting Challenge.
  • Hitting Challenge.
  • Base Running Relay Race.
  • Home Run Derby.

Throwing Accuracy Challenge

Player will stand in three positions (the mound, second base and center field), and attempt to hit the target at the home plate.

Bunting Challenge

Players have to bunt the ball into the special scoring zones which are straight down the first and third baseline.

Hitting Accuracy Challenge

Multiple scoring zones set up in the outfield, and the players will have to hit the ball into the zone in order to score.

Base Running Relay Race

Players are divided into two teams, and each players will have to run two bases before hand off the baton to the next runner. First team to finish the race will win the competition.


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