16-year veteran Peng Cheng-Min reaches career 1800 hits

After 17 seasons, 1594 games and 5312 at bats. Chinatrust Brothers’ veteran 彭政閔 (Peng Cheng-Min) has become the second player in CPBL history to reach career 1800 hits with a bloop single to right.  Apart from reaching the milestone, Peng also set the CPBL record for being the fastest player to reach 1800 hits which was previously set by 張泰山 (Chang Tai-San)

Fastest player to reach 1800 hits

  • 彭政閔 (Peng Cheng-Min) – 1549 Games – 6417 PA – 5312 AB
  • 張泰山 (Chang Tai-San) – 1560 Games – 6466 PA – 5841 AB

2000 career hits next? Also the CPBL record 2134 hits?

With hit number 1800 in the book, will the CPBL posterchild Peng Cheng-Min able to reach career 2000 hits? Will he have a chance to break the CPBL record 2134 hits set by 張泰山 (Chang Tai-San)?

At the end of 2016 season, the 38-year-old veteran signed a 2+4 years extension with Chinatrust Brothers.  2 years as player and 4 years as coach with the option after the second year should Peng Cheng-Min would like to continue his career as player.

Here’s Peng’s stats for the last 3 season

  • 2014 – 118 G – 488 PA – 120 H – 35-year-old
  • 2015 – 108 G – 484 PA – 131 H – 36-year-old
  • 2016 – 105 G – 403 PA – 117 H – 37-year-old

If Peng is healthy and given enough PA the next 2 seasons, reaching career 1900th shouldn’t be a problem.  However, 2000th might require a bit of work from Peng, but still manageable.

The CPBL record 2134 hits on the other hand, unless Peng Cheng-Min and the Brothers organisation willing to let him play until 2020 (Peng will be 42 by then) breaking that all time hit record is highly unlikely.


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